NED Personeel is the specialist in West Brabant with respect to employing and paying 65-plus retirees. If you no longer want to bear the employer risk associated with staff who are senior citizens, we have the ideal solution. NED Personeel has a large database of 65-plus retirees who are keen to do the work for you that you or your staff do not have the time for.

Choosing NED 65plus Personeel provides you with convenience and flexibility. You can engage experienced staff in a flexible manner. In particular, an individual entitled to a pension is loyal, always enthusiastic and in addition to lots of work experience also has the necessary life experience. Our experienced staff has the passion for flex work and this makes them the perfect candidate. Labour-related laws and regulations are different for individuals who are or soon will be entitled to a pension. This could provide many benefits for your organisation. This is partly why we can make our active and available 65-plus retirees available at economically interesting rates.

The advantages of engaging a NED 65Plus staff member include:

  • Simple and flexible engagement
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • Temp staff payroll service and personalised recruitment and selection
  • Service-oriented staff with lots of knowledge and experience
  • Always the right candidate in the right position and a extensive database of candidates
  • Lots of regional knowledge and always close by
  • Always the best price and quality ratio


Hofdreef 4-6
4881DR Zundert
mail: info@ned-personeel.nl
tel: +31 (0)76-596-4668

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