Administration and office

NED Personeel’s payroll service is more relevant than ever before. The world is changing rapidly around us. Job boundaries blur and more is constantly expected of people. This creates uncertainty at times. We tackle such uncertainty with our payroll service, which provides the highest level of service and support. This is a necessary tool today because people and organisations can only grow when they can fully concentrate on what they are good at without having to worry about other issues. You grow your core business and we take care of your staff!

Are you looking for a service that you can trust completely? NED Personeel will help your organisation reach its full potential by freeing you from the worry of staffing administration. We work with you to create an efficient and successful organisation. With NED Personeel, you are guaranteed capable staff who meet your needs, regardless of whether they are under our payroll service or are temporary workers.

At NED Personeel, we are happy to think along with you! And, for many years, this has been the strength of our service: commitment and attention to your workers and clients.


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tel: +31 (0)76-596-4668

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