NED Personeel also has a separate division, “NED Personeel Agro”, specifically for the work activities specific to agricultural companies.

NED Personeel Agro has years of experience with both temporary staffing and payroll services for all kinds of work activities in the different horticulture sectors. The specific nature of the industry also has a significant impact. This is why NED Personeel opted to create a separate division for this industry. NED Personeel Agro can help you obtain agro professionals, skilled workers and production workers.

Relatively speaking, companies in the agricultural sector have a lot of heavy production work. So, it is important for a company that the workers are prepared to and can do this type of work. NED Personeel Agro provides your company with workers who know the right approach and will work with you to have a healthy company. We guarantee a worker with the right mindset, who matches the requested profile and has the required skills. For example, workers who have been clearly instructed and who receive the necessary coaching and schooling. If needed, we will also provide accommodation and transport for European workers. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange one!

Our skilled temporary staff can be engaged in a flexible manner for a wide variety of work activities. For example, harvesting work and processing and packing of fruit and vegetables, flowers, plants and trees and loading lorries.

Labour costs have a significant impact on cost price. Thus, in a highly competitive industry, it is really important to keep this cost item under control as much as possible. Obviously, it is important to ensure this occurs within the scope of the prevailing legislation. Providing you with the best assistance in this respect requires legal knowledge that is specific to the industry. Choosing NED Personeel Agro provides you with the necessary services and helps you to keep your costs under control.

Our agro advisor will be happy to inform you about about the options available to you with our temporary staffing and payroll services.


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