Construction and medium-sized companies

Despite, or perhaps because of, the building trade being hit hard by the financial crisis, a great need has arisen for construction workers who can be taken on in a flexible manner. Contractors in the construction sector obtain work on a project to project basis. Acceptance of a project brings certainty. But, that certainty becomes an open question as the end of the project nears.

This is why construction companies are currently avoiding taking on full-time employees and would rather take on self-employed or flexible workers. NED Personeel will be happy to find the right temporary worker for you.

If you already have the right people and want us to take care of their payroll, you can rely on us and transfer over all of the legal, administrative and financial matters related to these workers to our payroll people at NED Personeel.

One of our advisers can provide you with a no obligation quote for these services.


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