NED Personeel is all about providing quality. We like to work with people who want to gain or use their knowledge and experience in the education sector. For example, staff who work in support positions in education, such as caretakers, administrators, canteen workers, location managers, and so on. And, we can also manage your pool of substitute teachers or on-call workers. Engaging these employees using NED Personeel’s payroll service provides you with added value and flexibility that will be immediately obvious for your educational institution.

With NED Personeel, you are guaranteed capable staff who meet your needs, regardless of whether they are under our payroll service or are temporary workers. At NED Personeel, we are happy to think along with you! And, for many years, this has been the strength of our service: commitment and attention to your workers and clients.


Hofdreef 4-6
4881DR Zundert
tel: +31 (0)76-596-4668

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