Mission & vision

For some years now, the Dutch labour market has undergone many changes. Many factors have had a huge impact on your company’s competitive position within the Netherlands as well as over the border. To maintain your company’s position in this “new world”, it is important to regularly and closely examine all aspects of your business operations. To this end, it is prudent to occasionally scrutinise your staff complement.

Tailored solutions
Each company is different and has its own specific set of issues. NED Personeel’s mission is to provide you with no obligation advice about your staff costs and a quote for a solution tailored to your company needs. We quite often discover that considerable saving can be made.

For example:
– services or production work of a relatively simple nature
– use of part-time staff (part-time work)
– seasonally related labour
– varying production volume
– engaging retirees 65-plus



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