Production work

NED Personeel has a large database of motivated workers available for seasonal work and shift work in the industry. It is well-known that it is not always possible to find the needed number of motivated Dutch people for low-skilled work. It is partly for the aforementioned reason that many companies in the industry look for motivated workers in other countries, such as Poland and Romania.

NED Personeel recruits these workers in foreign countries and ensures they are engaged properly, receive proper accommodation and arrange transport for them to and from to their work. Obviously, NED Personeel is very aware that it is important for the hiring company that the right motivation must be paired with the right price. NED Personeel stays on top of the recruitment and selection process and this means it is always competitive in the market!

In addition, as we provide our services in this industry, we can also offer you payroll services where we take over the personnel administration for the workers you yourself have personally recruited. You directly run the recruitment process and then hand over the legal, administrative and financial obligations to NED Personeel.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact our advisor for a no obligation consultation.



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