An employment agency has the allocation function. This means that it actively brings together the supply and demand of employees. When a client makes a request for staff, the employment agency starts to make the right match between the request and the available temporary workers. Once the match has been made, an employee is made available to a third party (the client) to perform work.

Why Choose NED

The best quality for a strong match

A strong match is the starting point for us. Between people and your company, your plans and processes. To make that match, we make an inventory of your staffing requirements together with you. We also create a good profile of your company together. Who fits that? In finding a strong match, we look further than just today.

A fixed point of contact, a real conversation partner

Your project manager at NED is more than a fixed point of contact in this process, a real discussion partner. That ensures a good bond with you and your company. In addition, it has a positive effect on the development and social support of employees. That's how NED makes the difference.

Our agreement is your guarantee

With the ambition and determination of our own NED people, we have grown strongly in West Brabant since 2009. We continue to build action-oriented and decisively on a number 1 position in the hospitality, agro and production. Sectors where practical people work who don't have time for chats but just want to move forward with good practical solutions. NED takes care of this and provides certainty: our agreement is your guarantee.

Staff matters, our business

Your staff matters are NED Personeel’s challenge. With our NED staffing agency and NED payroll, your day starts and ends without stress about staff.

Looking for new staff?