If you have staff, you must keep a payroll. The payroll administration consists of various forms and calculations. You should think of forms such as the wage statement, the pay slip and the annual statement. These are all forms that are important for calculating the wage and amounts due. This means that you also have to save reduction decisions, payroll tax statements and subscriptions and tickets issued by employees if they receive an expense allowance for traveling by public transport.

Why Choose NED

The best price

With the right software packages and an online hours portal, we can process your information efficiently.

Guaranteed timely payment

The online hours portal provides simple hours registration. As a result, the employee receives the correct salary on time.

Our agreement is your guarantee

With the ambition and determination of our own NED people, we have grown strongly in West Brabant since 2009. We continue to build action-oriented and decisively on a number 1 position in the hospitality, agro and production. Sectors where practical people work who don't have time for chats but just want to move forward with good practical solutions. NED takes care of this and provides certainty: our agreement is your guarantee.

staff matters, our business

Your staff matters are NED Personeel’s challenge. With our NED staffing agency and NED payroll, your day starts and ends without stress about staff.

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